Adult Entertainment

Dirty Games, Strippers, Adult Shaped Cakes, Costume Parades, Boudoir Shoots and many more

By bachelorette party, we Know What We mean . They’re all about saucy talks and naughty gyaan for the to-be-bride and don’t you dare disagree!
Not every bride-to-be wants to spend her last weekend as a single girl at a spa hotel, with bits of salad on her eyelids, while a whale song and scented candles assault her other senses. Some brides want to get their hands dirty and unleash their inner G.I. Jane, so we have created a list of all action hen activities to satisfy tomboys, tough girls and thrill-seekers alike to make thier bachelorette party unforgettable.

Some people think a hen weekend is all about taking it easy ahead of the big day. Some bride’s want to go a little bit crazy and try something new. But you can have your crazy cake and eat it. You have 48 hours to party so pick something a little more ‘out there’ and energetic for day one and then something a little more simple and soothing before departure on day two.

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