Custom Party Itineraries

Do you want the ultimate bachelorette weekend experience that covers all your extra special requests? Then this is the service for you. With your involvement, we take the bride's unique style and destination city of choice to create a party everyone is sure to remember.
Everything! You name it, we've got it. Harry Potter fans can play quidditch, enter escape rooms, or mix cocktails and potions. You can have a bake off, climb a mountain, dance like Beyonce, race cars, sail boats, meets hunks… Bachelorotte HQ have thousands of activities to choose from.

Fashions and trends are constantly changing so we're always on the look out for new exciting hen activities and occasionally when we launch a new idea it instantly shoots into our top hen party activities. we do have some great quality hen party activities that won't break the budget. Treasure hunts, dance classes, cocktail mixing are all good wallet cuddling options that won't melt the credit cards. Alternatively hire a hen party house, add a butler in the buff and play your own party games.
We know keeping everyone happy can be a tough act so to give you hen inspiration we have posted our top Bachelorette HQ for you to see what's hot, best of all if you have any enquiries we're here to help you make the best selections.

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