Custom Party Itineraries

Hey, hey! The girls are all together, your BFF is tying the knot in T-minus a few days or weeks and it’s time to party hard. If you’re creative and you know hitting the club for a bachelorette party isn’t quite up the bride’s alley, then it’s time to take a childhood favorite for a spin. That’s right, we’re talking about those epic pool parties! Skip the sky-high heels and “Buy Me a Drink” sashes this time around and get ready to hit the water for a last hurrah that’s sure to be a hit. Dance clubs, spas and trips to Vegas are all fun ways do a bachelorette party. But to really make a splash on the bride's single-life finale, it's all about the pool party.

Fill up the pool with fun floaties made for both the guests and their beverages to drift effortlessly atop the water or Take a foodie route with poolside fare and serve up fresh sushi aside a signature summer cocktail. Keep poolside drinks cold and hands dry with drink holders decorated in sweet bridal style.

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